888 HEPA Vacuum

Full stepless electronic suction & blow power control from extreme low* to maximum setting (* precision dust removal). Full motor speed, electrical consumption and noise level control. EEC made top quality electrical & electronical components for utmost reliability and global use. Unit overheating protected & RFI/EMC filter equipped. Easy to move around thanks to low motor mount, wheel well protected castor and robust rear wheels. 10 meters detachable schuko.

Lift off wing shaped quick storage cordset holder. Metal bend handle with air regulator. Oversized HEPA motorfilter (MT-853) for steady airflow extending both motor and filter life. Eliminates premature clogging. HEPA (high efficiency particulate air 99,990 % retention of 0,3 µ particles) or ULPA (high efficiency particulate air 99,997 % retention of 0,3 µ particles) exit filter / muffler after motor (MT-857 ESD). Optional blow assemblies turn unit into a very powerful blower.

Included accessories: Steel mini extension tube set (PHU-28) Stretch hose assembly extending full 3 meters (MT-861) Large wheeled brush tool for floors, walls and ceilings (pHU-29) Mini attachment set with 7 pieces miniature crevice/brush nozzle set (PHU-10) Nozzle set of 6 pieces crevice/brush, variable angle adaptor for “hard to reach” area’s (PHU-21) Slide on brush upholstery nozzle (PHU-22)

Max. motor power : 1100 W Max. vacuum power : 210 mbar Max. airflow : 45 L/sec. Max noise level : 64 db Measurements : 39 x 34 x 42,5 cm (L x W x H) Weight : 6 kg (appliance)

A888-MU-E-GSAspirateur avec variateur + PHU-10 + PHU-21 + PHU-22 + PHU-28 + PHU-29
MT-850Disponible Meltblow filterbag / 5 sacs
MT-851Disponible Meltblow filterbag / 10 sacs
MT-852Activated carbon jacket (MT-853 use)
MT-853HEPA Motorfilter (placed before motor)
MT-857 ESDHEPA Motorfilter (placed after motor)
MT-888 ISO 7Kit MT-851 + MT-853 + MT-858
MT-861Original hose assy complete relaxed 0,90 m – extended 3 m
MT-862Super stretch hose assy complete relaxed 2,50 m – extended 8,50 m
MT-863Blow assembly + connector relaxed 1,20 m – extended 3 m
MT-864Blow assembly + connector long version relaxed 2,80 m – extended 9,10 m
PHU-04Jeu d’embouts miniatures
PHU-05Long embout en caoutchouc
PHU-07Mini brosses (paire) poils de chèvres– soft
PHU-08 Mini brosses (paire) crin de cheval – medium
PHU-09Mini brosses (paire) soies de porc – hard
PHU-10Jeu d’embouts miniatures
PHU-11Brosse en forme de “D” soies de porc – hard
PHU-12Brosse en forme de “D” crins de cheval – medium
PHU-13Brosse en forme de “D” poils de chèvre – soft
PHU-14Embout rigide
PHU-15Brosse à tête pivotante nylon
PHU-17Adaptateur d’angle
PHU-18Tuyau de rallonge de 85 à 360 cm
PHU-20Embout en caoutchouc souple
PHU-21Ensemble d’embouts à emboîter
PHU-22Embout avec brosse détachable
PHU-28Set de trois tuyaux en acier inoxydable
PHU-29Brosse pour le sol de 30 cm de large